Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, April 20, 2012

International Day whirlwind

Yesterday was International Day at our school. We had 15 countries represented. Each country was able to provide as little as much as they wanted. Several of the countries had foods to sample. That, to me, was the best part! :) Many had books or pictures that you could take and learn more about the country. The variety of our students is so amazing. The countries represented: Malaysia, Qatar, Slovenia, South Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Germany, Finland, Estonia, USA, UK, Turkey, Iran, and Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, not all of the embassies were able to make it. We also have students from Lithuania, Poland, and a few others that I am having trouble recalling right now.

Our students also had little books (aka: passports) that they were able to give to each country and have stamped with the name of the country. They really enjoyed that part. The event was from 4-7 pm, so many of our kids did not go home after school. This made for an extremely long day for our kiddos. Thank goodness mine are willing to take naps and I let them sleep extra long. They were ok, but worn out by 5:30 or so. My littlest one wanted carried near the end. Luckily, she is light!

Overall, it was fun to see the different countries,but hopefully the school will make some changes for next year to better serve the students. There were a few things that could be fixed, but that has nothing to do with you all, so no bother telling. ;)

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