Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, April 6, 2012

If only firing people were easier...

We have all been there - in a job where there is at least one person, maybe more, who doesn't pull their weight. Hell, they don't even pull the weight of the toilet paper roll. And you wonder how they manage to hold onto their jobs. I've seen this across all areas. Let me tell you...you see it a lot here. There are a handful of local staff that I work with that should not be working with children, to say the least. I'm not sure they have any real "people skills" that would enable them to work any better with adults. And yet, they continue to get paid.

I've been told that it is very hard to fire people here, especially if you are a foreign employer who has hired a local. The paperwork alone is enough to hold up the process. I get that the local government wants to protect their own, but when others have to suffer because of incompetence, it gets frustrating. Now, this handful of slackers is enough to make you wish you had a different job sometimes. The saving grace? There is also a handful of local staff that are AMAZING and worth much more than they get paid. Since the pay for locals is bad, I've heard some say, "well...maybe they are just frustrated with not getting paid what they are worth.."  Are you kidding me? Go teach in America and see what you are worth. They have no idea what real work is. No more small classes, prep times, ability to use cell phones to text all day. No way, that life would be over in 2.2 seconds. I get you want to have a social life. So do I. But, texting your significant other (or flavor of the week in some cases) is not my concern. The kids are. So do your job while you are at school.

I make it a point to tell the ones that do a great job that I appreciate their work and work ethics. I know I can't give them more money, but I can give them the recognition they deserve. But, it would be much better if we could get rid of the ones weighing us down.

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