Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome to India

Ok, I'm back from vacation and have lots of things to tell you about India. I'll start with this welcome one. Then, I'll do a few more. SO, there will be lots to read. :)

We arrived in India to wonderfully warm weather. I couldn't wait until it would get even hotter. I have missed that weather so much. My excited was short lived though. As we drove into town, I noticed that the streets, parks, sidewalks - everything - was filthy. Greece was very dirty while I was there, but this place made Greece look clean. Delhi was the worst. It is incredibly overcrowded, with an enormous amount of traffic that you couldn't pay me to drive in. Over the course of the week, we visited Delhi, Agra, Rajistan/Jaipur, and New Delhi. Of these, Jaipur was my favorite and least dirty, although that isn't saying much.

My friend and I ended up booking a travel package once there that would take us to all of the places and things we wanted to see, as well as a tiger safari, the Taj, tour guides, and a personal driver for the week to take us around where ever we wanted to go. It was definitely worth the money to be able to go when and where we wanted.

Our first night, we were in  roach motel. I say that with all honestly, because there were roaches there. I had to laugh. I told her they would follow me, just to freak me out. The next day, we were driving to Agra, and wouldn't you know it - a damn roach was in the backseat with us!! Haha. After that night, our hotels were progressively better. Each one was better than the last, and by the last night, we were staying in what most people would think was ok.

I did continue to enjoy the nice warm weather, despite being bit to pieces by flies and mosquitoes. There are TONS of flies around, b/c there is tons of feces around - animals and humans. I was given a nickname by our driver, which was Henna. He thought it was easier than Johanna. I like it, and got used to it after a week. His name was Krrishna. We called him Krrish. He was pretty cool. Our first guide we had, who went by the name Moon, did a palm reading on me. I couldn't believe how dead on he was. He said that I have relationship troubles b/c I am a confused and troubled person. He said he could see how I changed my mind all of the time and was never really satisfied with the present. WOW. Talk about reading me like an open book. Damn. He also said I would need a very strong man to "handle me" and be able to help stabilize me. Haha. OH, and when I asked about kids (still go back and forth on whether or not I want them), he said I have the potential for 3 (my line says so), but it is doubtful I will have that many. One seems more realistic. I was seriously shocked. This stranger was telling me what I already knew, but didn't realize others could tell.

So, read on to the other blogs to hear more about my trip and the country. :)

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