Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, January 21, 2012


After the week that I had, I needed to just decompress. It was a long week at work, a lot of extra work for an extra curricular school event, and just a lot of frustration with things and people that I have no control of the situations. Our activity at school didn't end until 8 pm on Friday. When I got home, I switched into pj's, grabbed a bottle of wine, and went to hang out downstairs with friends. A half of bottle later, I was more relaxed and ready for bed.

Yesterday brought nearly 6 hours of working on a photo story project for the scavenger hunt team I was on. We all had dinner last night and I showed it there. Dinner was fantastic, and the evening was filled with lots of wine and laughter. It was roughly 2:30 when I arrived back home. I can't wait to do it again, as good company is always a joy.

And the, there is today. I woke up to skype with friends, which is always good to see/hear them. And now, I'm about ready for my nap. I am in desperate need of recouping. I plan to go to dinner later. I always love when I do not have to cook. haha. And I'll be throwing in lesson plans and activities between napping, dinner, and bedtime. Planning for preschool is definitely a lot different than planning for all other areas! I'll fill you in on the preschool thing soon.

I hope you all have a fantastic end of your weekend, and that your Monday brings you a great day to start a great week.

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