Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The desert is cold?

This afternoon, I embarked on a fun-filled journey to the desert in Dubai for a safari. It began with dune bashing in an SUV. Unfortunately, there was a child in our group who didn't handle the bashing so well and lost his cookies. :( Then, we arrived at a camp in the middle of the desert. We were informed that they needed to go get the quads from another spot and bring them back. If we went (myself and two other girls who were still around), we could ride them back for free. SCORE! Once back, the sun was setting, but I still tried my hand at sand surfing. I almost made it down to the bottom without falling down, but not quite. It was fun though.  We enjoyed a nice buffet dinner with lots of goodies, such as hummus and lamb kebobs. While eating, we were entertained with belly dancers. I had the opportunity to ride a camel, but they looked so miserable...up and down, letting people on and off...that isn't how they are supposed to be living. So, I just snuggled with one and got a picture instead. It was an amazing afternoon that I will not forget! The only surprise I had was the weather. I had no idea it could get cold in the desert. There is a lot I just don't know! lol Luckily, I did take a sweatshirt.

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