Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, September 24, 2011

embarrassment overload

I went to the other shopping mall near my house today to get tickets for a documentary tomorrow. The girl told me there are no tickets, just show up. Hopefully they will have some seats tomorrow when I do. After leaving the theater area, I walked around to check out the stores before heading into the grocery store. It was your average mall - overpriced shit.

Anyway, I get to my grocery shopping. I am not paying much attention to prices, as I always have a debit or credit card on me. Or, I used to! I am checking out and my total comes to 3,674 tenge. I only have about 3,450 on me. I was so embarrassed!!! That is so uncharacteristic of me to do something like that. So, I am trying to explain to the girls that I don't have enough. They were so kind. They asked me what I wanted to take off. Snickers isn't getting fresh dry food until tomorrow, but at least I got her packets of soft food. I proceeded to pay for the remainder and leave. I doubt I will be going back to that market any time soon. :)

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