Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

I hope summer has treated you all well. I have had another great summer, thanks to the joys of being an international school teacher. I traveled home to the good 'ole U.S. of A. for one month. And while I am not a fan of my hometown or the surrounding area, it was nice to spend quality time with my mom and some other friends and family. Then, back to China for a few days to recoup before heading to some other countries here in Asia. I will give each one of these countries their own blog, as it seems only fitting.

I am also preparing for another fantastic (hopefully) year in Kindergarten! Last year, I was extremely blessed with a wonderfully behaved class and a para that couldn't be beat. As far as I know, she is returning to me. I only hope this class is as wonderful as the last one. Some of my friends had those classes of "overly rambunctious" kids and well, they were at their wits end. I have had those kids all of my career, up until last year. Now, hoping my good luck continues. :)

I also had one of those summers, where you eat your weight in food, so I am up a few extra pounds. I am honestly able to say I feel "chubby", but yet not upset with myself. Now, the Chinese will have lots to say to me about my weight. They always do. I  have definitely grown a thicker skin here. You have to or you'll starve yourself. I am going to try and get myself back into shape though. I have a big trip coming up to Tibet in October and I want to be a tad more fit for that. I am also seeing an ENT for continued trouble breathing, thanks to my restricted nasal passages and allergies. I am hoping he can help me to breath more easily and be able to exercise more freely without feeling like I am going to suffocate. It's not a good feeling. The very best part about my summer? I got to see my future God-Child via sonogram at the hospital!! I am THRILLED for my best friend and can't wait to meet him/her!!!

So, soon (I promise!!), I'll begin with posts, including pictures, from my four travel spots this year. I will do my best to update weekly, if not more often, this year. Feel free to comment on my posts, so I know that you are still there, still reading them, and still interested. :)

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