Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I love the kids, but sometimes, just have to say no

I love kids. Well, most kids on most days. :) I especially love babies!! Oh, getting off topic. Let me stay focused here. So, while I am at work, I try to give my all - every day. I want my kids to love learning and coming to school, while learning the fundamental rules that one should follow in life: manners, responsibilities, etc. I also want them to know that I care way beyond the confines of school. I care about them because they are important - whether I am their teacher or not.

Last year, I attended many birthday parties for my students. I was happy to do so. I enjoyed seeing them outside of the classroom, running and having fun without any restrictions. And, I got lots of good food! This year, I was very excited to go see a former student for his birthday. This was in a previous blog. Anyway, while there, I met another mom with an adorable little girl. The student was in the 3's last year, and although I didn't remember her (don't worry, she wasn't in my class), she remembered me. I rode to dinner with her and she had lots of things to share with me. Her mom asked if I would like to come to their house someday. Of course, you never want to say to the child, "Sorry honey, I'm just being polite, but I really don't want to come play." I know how much it means to a non-native-English family when a native speaker comes to spend time with their child. And, she is a really cute kid. I may say yes at some point, but when asked today about doing lunch this weekend, I had to say no. I am on overload right now with so many things going on at school, planning for my Christmas vacation with my mom (and then two weeks solo), and just needing to catch up on me time. So, I said no.

While this seems perfectly reasonable, I always feel a bit of guilt. I know the mom was looking forward to me coming, but I just can't right now. I need to focus on other things. Even if those other things include doing nothing - I need that right now.  I told our mutual friend (who did the asking) to pass along my email and that I would be happy to come visit after we get back from our holiday vacation.  After three weeks away, I'll be more refreshed and ready to handle an afternoon tea with a 4 year old. :)

Maybe to avoid feeling less guilty, I should plan a local trip this weekend. Something to get me out of town for the day, but not a lot of money. Or, the hell with it. I'll spend the weekend at the spa!!

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