Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Amazing how the weather can make or break ya

This weekend has been FULL of something we haven't seen a lot of here in the past few months - blue skies. And it has been beautiful. Along with the gorgeous blue skies though have come some hot and humid temps. Today, it was 92. Yep, nice and warm! :)  Now, I love the heat. I've always preferred it over the cold. However, the humidity, I can do without. That is the one thing I can say I do not miss about Texas. I loved living in Houston, but damn, it gets sticky.

Here is where I am confused though: dry skin. If it is this humid, with so much moisture in the air, why on earth is my skin so dry that I am literally scratching myself until I have no skin left? And no, I am not exaggerating. I have done that on my one toe, a finger, the side of my knee, the top of my ankle, across the top of my foot, and 2 knuckles. I do not even realize I am scratching sometimes until I get to that point and it hurts. Then, it's too late. I've done the damage. I've even using lotions. According to what I have read, high humidity can cause atopic dermatitis. I never had this problem in Houston though. I have had itchy skin several times throughout this year, but not to the point I am experiencing now, which leads me to think maybe, just maybe, the water could be a trouble source as well. It's hard to tell here. So, tomorrow, I am going to ask my acupuncturist about it. She may or may not have an answer for me, but she's a good start. Then, I may swing by the pharmacy on the way home and see if they sell some cortisone type cream to help with the itchiness. My best friend has eczema and I never fully understood how itchy or irritating it was for her until now. Damn. I have such a new level of sympathy for her when she has flare-ups. Nobody should ever be this itchy.  Ah, just one more joy of living in China. Haha.

On a bright note, I have 15 work days left until vacation. :)  And my calendar is pretty booked with meetings, events, etc. so they will fly by! It's been a very long, roller-coaster type of year and I am definitely looking forward to some R&R while sightseeing so many wonderful places this summer.

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