Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Even here, I have it good.

Tonight, I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I walked down past Wal-Mart, through a bunch of streets making turns. I figured the worst case scenario was that I got lost. I had money and my address card on me, so I could always get a taxi home. While I was out and about, I noticed two main things. One, there are not as many things lit up as I would have imagined, but I often forget that I live in a more "suburban" area. And two, there is a very distinct visual of old and new.  I live in a newer building. It is not the absolute luxury-induced in the area, but it is nice. Tonight, I saw the other side. I was walking past a building that looked very old and rugged. There were bars on the windows. From what I could see from inside certain windows, there were little furnishings and not-so-friendly looking conditions. I was curious. Was this a prison or something? Then, as I proceeded along, I saw into another window. There were bunk beds with little girl decorations. Oh, my. These were apartment buildings! This, my guess, would be where the locals live - those who are in the jobs that barely allow them to get buy. There were lots of these buildings in the section I was in. Maybe some of the apartments look really nice inside, if the owners have been able to fix it up. But, to see it from the outside, you would not guess that people would voluntarily live here.   As I continued to walk home, I was reminded of how wonderful my life is. I may have arrived here without plates or silverware to eat with, but I have a nice apartment with a nice bed and running hot water. Really, what else must I have? The fact that I, as a single person, live in a two bedroom apartment, puts me in the higher living bracket here.  I really do have it good.

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