Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, April 2, 2012

Snickers, the disappearing cat..

As you have read, my poor cat is sick. She's getting daily shots for her pneumonia, pills and cough syrup on top of that.....as you imagine, she is one ticked off cat. Well, it's amazing how smart they are. Tonight, to try and be nice and avoid shoving pills down her throat, I crushed them into her food. I had done this in the beginning and she wouldn't eat it. But, I wanted to give it another shot. She looked at the food, looked at me, and walked away. She cried and cried, wanting different food. I refused to budge. Either way, she is mad at me. She was luckily hungry enough that she ate - most of it. Then, she went and hid under the bed. Why? I think she knew it wasn't over. She knew there was more to come. And she was right.

The door bell rang and Gulmira (one who gives shots) was here. Snickers would not come out from under the bed for anything. So, I had to move the bed. And that wasn't enough, so I had to use a broom to chase her to one side of the bed where Gulmira could pull her out. Oh, what a fiasco. I have a king sized, solid wood bed frame, so it isn't easy to move. And given that much room to move under it, it's not easy to chase her out.  We finally got her, she got her shots (unwillingly) and is now giving me that evil eye. I swear, if she could talk, she'd be telling me the most horrible things right now! Gulmira said she pictures her (Snickers) flipping me off. Haha. I know I'd hate me too if I were in her situation. Fingers crossed this works and we can stop the shots after this week. I'm ok with continuing the pills, but the shots are hard on both of us.

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